Are you a Woman working in the corporate world or running your own business?

Do you have what looks like the perfect life but still feel unhappy?

Are you constantly pushing yourself, but at the same time unsure of the next right move?

Are you finding your relationships with partners, family and colleagues strained? Feel like no one is listening to you or even understands you?  

What if you could relax and easily deal with situations as they come up. 

What if you had time and looked forward to being with the people you care about, and as a result your relationships with your partner, friends, family and colleagues were the best they have ever been. 

What if your confidence started to soar, others start to notice a difference in you, and compliment you on how great you are looking. 

What if you were finally planning that holiday you have been dreaming about. How would you feel?  

The good news is you can be that person, you can live the life you dream of, and you don't have to do it alone

Hi my name is Sophie Watson and I guide Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women who are curious to know why they have what looks like the perfect life but are still unhappy, and support them to Create a Life They Love. What makes me different is that I am an Empath, which means that I actually physically feel other peoples emotions, physical pain and energetic blocks. It actually enables me to understand my clients on a deeper level and helps me to get to the root of what is really going on with my clients very quickly.

Once we have an understanding of why we are reacting or behaving in certain ways, we can then take appropriate action to resolve these issues, and learn new ways to deal with situations as the come up. We can even find out why certain situations seem to come up time and time again, and learn how to break that cycle. 

When we have more control over how we are feeling, we can then start to shape a better and happier future for ourselves. A future which is more in alignment with who we truly are as a Soul, and become the happy person we are truly meant to be. If you are a Corporate and Entrepreneurial Woman, and you have a strong desire or ambition to be something other than you are right now, I invite you to have a chat with me to find how you can finally be the person you are truly meant to be.  

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