Soul Realignment™ Clients

"I have worked with Sophie (Super Sorter Sophie) for over 3 years, the experience of the Soul Realignment is certainly up there with her transformational coaching. After sharing some very simple details, Sophie worked her magic behind the scenes. The knowledge Sophie then shared blew me away. Clear explanations around unexplainable feelings I had that had no way of being based on a physical memory, experience or situation. Feelings that have been at a core level. Some of the information Sophie shared was so precise with regard to dates and occurrences. I am part way through a clearing exercise, 'stuff' has shifted, I feel lighter, less stressed and have a more flowing approach to both my personal and business life. If you are reading this and feel a little stuck, lost or have blocks in any area that you've never quite understood or worked through, this really is for you. Very little effort on your part, with gigantic results waiting to unfold."

Lynn Butler

"Soul Realignment is amazing! I felt very at peace the next day. Many of my childhood issues were resolved - things started to fall into place and make sense. There was just this quiet sense of knowing and understanding after." Ness

"I was very surprised at what came up for the realignment but once the words were spoken, it’s like everything fell into place. My life literally flashed at various moments where I could see the effects from past experiences/choices that had been made. The information I received, confirmed everything for me but then once I had had this information, things began to change; and I could literally see the change unfolding in front of me. Information was also confirmed by other things and they overlapped each other. Which gave me the confidence that I had made the right decision and at the right time. Sophie has been an absolute godsend and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to everyone and anyone. The shackles have disappeared and life is moving forward, more positively!" Tracey 

"Absolutely astonished with the soul realignment reading with Sophie. It's a wonder how past life experiences can impact the now and how history truly repeats itself, unless you learn to let go - Sophie is the best person to assist you through this, help you understand and focus on what needs to be done to free you of these past experiences! Very informative reading and looking forward to the next steps with an unburdened future!" Anon

"I had a soul alignment reading by Sophie as I wanted to know if there was anything from my past holding me back! Wow what can I say...Sophie’s findings blew me away. This woman is truly amazing! The reading definitely has given me clarity on a few aspects of my life and I now understand myself a lot better! Thank you so much Sophie." Nayan  

"The soul realignment with Sophie was an amazing and intense experience. She was able to confirm things I already knew and give information I was not aware of but felt the affects within my daily life and noticed in my choices and actions. With the information received and the healing started and continued with the soul realignment reading I can feel and see positive changes in myself, my loved ones and my life in general. My partner and child will also be completing theirs so that we may all be in line with our highest good to live our best life moving forward." Anon 

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