The Abundance Program

This is a Group program available through my Create a Life You Love Community.

The Abundance program is for you if you have read books like "The Secret" or "Ask and it is Given" but have struggled to consistently manifest the things or circumstances you want or may be you have just not put any of it into practice in your own life. 

With in this Group program you will learn:

  • Tools to help you manage stress levels and the way you think about your life.
  • Improve your mindset and attitude towards money & abundance.
  • Have fun, be part of a community of likeminded people, and get help and support to start creating the life you want and deserve.
  • When you sign up, you will receive lifetime access to this course, enabling you to retake or revisit this course at anytime.
  • Not only that, if you are not already a member, you will also get free access to my exclusive online Community.

"I wanted to get myself on track with my life goals." Hazel joined the Abundance and quickly realised that if she is struggling others are too and she loved the personal feedback from Sophie and great ideas from the others in the group. "I loved working with Sophie, she is a vibrant, happy and enthusiastic person. She keeps you focused on your goals and is wise and kind while still being honest when she gives advice and feedback. The abundance course was fantastic and it felt great to take part - it gives practical activities to do that really open your eyes to your own goals and desires for your life. You’ll feel energised, motivated and super proud of yourself doing this course. I couldn’t recommend it enough - do it now and you’ll never look back!!”

"I have manifested clients into my business." Heather has had success with abundance programs that I have run in the past, and wanted a refresh to start manifesting her dreams into reality. "I’ve loved doing the abundance program. It helps to focus in on each area of your life and find what your goals are and what you really desire. The tasks are explained and although some thought is needed, they’re not to time consuming. I have manifested clients into my business, money, free drinks in a coffee shop, and I’ve won a pair of Nike running trainers worth over £150. Doing the abundance program is worth the investment in yourself.”

Charlotte took the course back in May 2020. 3 months later and her life is completely different. "The homework! Really made me think about my life and what I do and do not want moving forward. I now have my beautiful new home, happier, less cluttered and have stopped looking at my bank account daily (like I used to in the past). All I can say is THANK YOU! Anyone struggling or in need of direction/support, this is one course you should try!" 

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1-2-1 60 day, 30 Day & Bespoke Coaching Programs

By the end of these programs you will have more confidence, be happier within yourself, improved relationships with yourself and others, more clarity on what you want in life and more energy.  

Together we address the root cause of the issues you are wanting to resolve, whether that is Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm or just not knowing who you are anymore. Acknowledging and clearing these issues as we go and implement new ways to deal with similar situations should they ever occur again.

These are 1 to 1 sessions which are attended via Zoom (video call).

The 60 day program is for you if you feel you have a lot of deep rooted issues, which you need support in unearthing. Many who opt for this program often feel they need support in getting into good habits.  

The 30 day program is for you if you feel that you have a couple of things you want to sort out, and feel that you are good at getting into good habits and don't really need support in doing so.

I offer a Free 30 minute No Obligation call, where I will explain how in more depth how these programs work, we can work out which program would be right for you and I can answer any questions you may have. It may be that you would benefit from a Bespoke program, if that is the case we would chat about this option in your call. If after the chat we both feel that this is right for you then we will book you in for the sessions.

To book the Free 30 Minute Discovery Call, just click on the button below. 

Soul Realignment™

Soul Realignment is really about understanding yourself on a much deeper level. 

Understanding yourself can help you avoid making bad choices, it helps you to understand what choices are more in alignment with you, not only the physical you but you on a Soul level. Making choices which are in alignment with Who YOU Truly Are, creates greater abundance and allows you to manifest quicker.  

Do you find that similar situations come up time and time again for you, but you have no idea WHY you keep attracting these same old patterns? This can be so frustrating! WHY do these things keep happening? How are you ever going to break this cycle?  

Do you ever wonder WHY you are drawn to certain things?  

Ever wondered WHY you are so different to your Siblings or the rest of your family?  

Do you question whether you are in the right kind of job or Business? Does something not quite feel right? Or have you always dreamed of doing something totally different?  

A Soul Realignment Reading can help you finally answer these questions. It looks at you at Soul Level, reviling your spiritual gifts and where you are blocking these gifts from truly shining through and creating and manifesting the amazing life you are truly meant to experience.  

Within this reading we delve into Past life choices that may be restricting you in this current life experience. We look at where you have made negative choices in this lifetime that are blocking you from moving forward into your dream life.  

When we are aware of these blocks and restrictions, we can start to clear them, and make more aligned choices moving forward.

You will receive a lot of information during this Reading, which can be overwhelming, this is why I have decided to spread the reading over two sessions. In the first session we will look at who you are as a Soul, your positive and negative traits. In the Second session we look at where you have made negative choices in this and past lifetimes, and how those choices are effecting you now. During these sessions I will work with you to recognise where and when you need to take different action. It's great to know more about yourself, however this information is irrelevant if you are not using it to make different choices to become more in alignment with who you are as a Soul.

Once you have had the Basic Soul Realignment Reading we can then look even deeper at specific areas of your life, for example Relationships, Spirit Guides, Specific Current Life Situations, Soul Realignment for Business and how you personally manifest in your life.

These readings are via Zoom (video call) and the audio from these calls are recorded so you can refer back to them at anytime. 

I require a few details from you, then I prepare the reading for you. 

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